SLR Bike Trail

There are many ways to make this trail shorter or start at a different location, we will be describing the full trail.  The trail head parking lot is an unmarked dirt lot, located on a dirt road turn off from Northshore drive, (follow the power lines, then turn left at the orange Optic Cable pole). The trail begins on dirt single track and meets up with the Reversed Peak Loop Trail. This section is mostly uphill with some flat sections and minor descents. After 3.8 miles you will make a right turn to continue on the SLR Trail.  The turn off is marked with logs and can be missed if you are not paying attention.  You will continue descending on more single track over technical rock features. You will descend with amazing views of Silver Lake and end across the creek from the Silver Lake Boat Launch.  The total distance to the Silver Lake Dam is 5.7 miles with 687 feet of elevation gain and a bit over 1,000 feet of descent.

You can have a shuttle car parked at the Silver Lake boat launch and drive back to town (this requires you to cross the rock dam…which sometimes can be under some water depending on the season), or you can ride through a residential area and back to town and to the trail head (this way does not require you to cross that dam).

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Start Location

Dirt lot located off Northshore drive, headed East. Follow the power lines, then left at the orange optic cable pole.


Shuttle (park at the Silver Lake Boat Launch)
Loop (if you ride back to town)


5.7 Miles One Way

Elevation Gain

687 Feet Gain, and 1,008 Feet of descent


Advanced Climbing
Technical Descents
Single Track
Sandy Areas
Lane Sharing with Hikers


Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

Safety Tips & Etiquette

There is a lot of initial pedaling and will take some lung fitness to get up to the SLR bench.   We like to use an Enduro or Trail bike, but it is not uncommon to see some Downhill bikes making their way up. There are technical rocks on trail so always wear your helmet and knee pads/gloves are not a bad idea either.  And some water!  Please remember we are sharing this trail with hikers, and please slow your downhill decent if you see anyone.



  • June Lake Loop has year round activities

  • The busiest tourism season is Summer (June/July/Aug)

  • The water is better up here, drink it from the tap

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  • Elevation – 7,654 feet (2,333 meters)

  • Population – 629 (feels more like 400 year round)

  • Zip Code – 93529


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#1 – Pick up trash, even if it is not yours

#2 – Pick up your dog’s poop, it doesn’t magically disappear in the snow

#3 – Be friendly and patient, things move a bit slower up here

#4 – Don’t feed the wildlife

For more information on how to be awesome check out this link