What is the busiest season in June Lake?

Summer during the months of June, July and August. We are a fishing town that is frequented by generations of families.

Does June Lake close during the winter months?

No silly. The town is open year round with plenty of sleeping, eating and activity options. In the winter June Mountain Ski Area opens where your IKON pass and Mammoth mountain ski pass work and kids 12 & under ski FREE.

When  HWY 158 at the entrance to town closes, does that mean the town closes?

Sheesh, what year do we live in? You can always use North Shore drive at Oh! Ridge to drive around and into town from the back.

Why does everything close early around here?

Hey now, Tiger bar & the T-Bar Social club are regularly open late. Otherwise many of our businesses are family run which creates somewhat earlier hours since we like to party too…or have to change diapers.

Where is the best fishing spot?

This is a hard one. You like streams? Go to Rush Creek. You want deep water? Go to June Lake. But we can also ask what is the weather like, what bugs are outside and what color is your underwear? All of these things may affect your fishing success.

What is that giant balancing rock at the entrance of town?

It’s called a glacial erratic and it naturally occurred. Pretty cool huh?

Is June Lake just the village area?

Actually no. June Lake is a loop, and many businesses are located on that Loop. The village is just a bustling area on the loop. In fact, Silver Lake Resort (Carson’s Camp) was the original heart of June Lake and that is located down canyon.

Are there any web cams?

June Mountain – https://www.junemountain.com/winter/mountain-information/cams
Village – https://balancedrocksaloon.com/
Silver Lake – http://silverlakeresort.net/live-webcam-lake/
Gull Lake – http://gulllakemarina.com/webcam/

Is it snowing in June Lake?

Weather.com is a good source of weather information.  Mother nature is not very predictable and locals or business owners cannot divine the weather conditions for any particular time.  It can possibly snow anytime between September to May.

I am looking for a long term/year round rental…what do I do?

Welcome to the club! Long term housing can be difficult to find because most places are second homes or nightly rentals.  To help here are a few suggestions; make sure you talk to locals for leads and put your name in with the local real estate offices. It is easier to find a place when you are already here. Camping in the summer is a popular and cheap alternative. Many get a double eagle membership for showers and luxury, while you wait for something to come up.  If you are a home owner, consider making your place a long term rental as opposed to a nightly Air BnB.

How do I mail something to June Lake?

Great question Mike. All business and personal mailing addresses are to a PO BOX as we do not have USPS ground service.  That said, we use Amazon prime quite a bit, so FedEx and UPS both deliver daily to our area. Rule of thumb is to always put your PO BOX # after your last name and use your physical address (example: John Doe 555).  The post office will deliver mail to a PO BOX with that # after the last name, this works great if you use Amazon Prime and never really know how it gets delivered.

What is the best season to visit June Lake?

That is a tough one.  Each season offers different adventure opportunities.  However, if you have never seen Fall colors in The Loop, you are missing out.

Why am I so thirsty?

It is dry up here, even when there is snow. Make sure you hydrate more than you would at sea level.  This will also help with any altitude sickness.

What type of wildlife will I see in June Lake?

There are tons of animals in there area.  A few large predators include mountain lions, bears, and coyotes. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and your little pets will be safe.

Was that a Bald Eagle I just saw?

Why yes Bob, we also have golden eagles and one of the largest inland populations of Sea Gulls at Mono Lake.

Who made this website?

Just another June Lake local that simply got tired of answering so many darn questions about what to do and where to go eat.  Knowledge is power.


  • June Lake Loop has year round activities

  • The busiest tourism season is Summer (June/July/Aug)

  • The water is better up here, drink it from the tap

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  • Elevation – 7,654 feet (2,333 meters)

  • Population – 629 (feels more like 400 year round)

  • Zip Code – 93529


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#1 – Pick up trash, even if it is not yours

#2 – Pick up your dog’s poop, it doesn’t magically disappear in the snow

#3 – Be friendly and patient, things move a bit slower up here

#4 – Don’t feed the wildlife

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