Local Fishing Culture

We appreciate everyone who comes here to fish (and have been for generations!), and Mono County has provided some great info on how to keep it sustainable for generations to come.  Additionally, please be mindful and pick up any trash that you bring.  That includes properly disposing of any poop and toilet paper.


A fishing license is required in June Lake, you can purchase online, or at the local tackle shops. There are two free fishing days a year; see the events calendar for this years dates.

General limit is 5 per day and never more than 10 in possession. Fishing season is the Last Saturday in April through November 15 every year. Fishing times are an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset, night fishing is not permitted.

Purchase your license online – https://www.ca.wildlifelicense.com/InternetSales/

Regulations are here – https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Regulations

Sustainable Fishing – Provided by Mono County Tourism

Join the effort to keep our Eastern Sierra fisheries healthy and sustainable so that trout can thrive to trophy sizes – not only for your next fishing trip but for your great grandkids and their great grandkids! It’s Simple: KEEP ONLY WHAT YOU NEED – release the rest to reproduce, grow and transform into trophy sized beauties!

Tips for sustainable fishing and catch-and-release best practices:

1) Land your fish as carefully and quickly as possible. If you plan to release the fish, do not pull it up or land it on dry land – sand, rocks and vegetation damage the trout’s slime covering that helps keep the fish healthy.

2) Avoid moving fish from the water – unhook and release the fish while it is still under water.

3) Only use wet hands and limit overall handing of the fish. Never use a rag and never squeeze the fish or touch its eyes or gills.

4) Remove hooks that you can see and remove gently – otherwise, clip the line near the mouth on a deep hooked fish. (The hook will rust and dissolve over time)

5) Use artificial lures (no bait) to minimize deep hooking. Barbless hooks or hooks with flattened barbs make unhooking easier and less stressful on the fish.

This info is also available at – https://www.monocounty.org/things-to-do/fishing/fishing-rules-regulations/

Fish Found in this area:

Rainbow Trout, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout and Brookies


  • June Lake Loop has year round activities

  • The busiest tourism season is Summer (June/July/Aug)

  • The water is better up here, drink it from the tap

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  • Elevation – 7,654 feet (2,333 meters)

  • Population – 629 (feels more like 400 year round)

  • Zip Code – 93529


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#1 – Pick up trash, even if it is not yours

#2 – Pick up your dog’s poop, it doesn’t magically disappear in the snow

#3 – Be friendly and patient, things move a bit slower up here

#4 – Don’t feed the wildlife

For more information on how to be awesome check out this link