June  Mountain “Chair 6” Bike Trail

This trail is all uphill to be rewarded with rad views at the top and a super fast kamikaze style descent on a fire road.  Trail head is located in the town of June Lake off of Lakeview Drive.  You can mosey across this wide dirt trail to get to June Mountain Canyon Trail.  Please be advised that June Mountain Operations uses Canyon Trail even in the summer, so please yield to any trucks. Continue pedaling up the dirt Canyon Trail, or be prepared to hike a bike if it gets too steep for your ability.  Once you arrive at the Chalet, keep going up the fire road that wanders to the lookers left of the hill, under Chair 6.   After 4 miles and 2,200 feet of elevation you will be at the top of Chair 6…and probably tired!  After taking in the views, gear up and descend down a wide rocky fire road.

Please keep our public right of access in good standing and do not attempt to drive a vehicle up Canyon Trail or get in the way of any work vehicles. The public is permitted to access and ride or hike these trails when June Mountain Winter Ski Resort operations are closed for the season.

Start Location

Park anywhere on HWY 158 in the town of June Lake and ride to Lakeview Drive.  See Google Maps link.


Out N’ Back


4 Miles One Way

Elevation Gain

2,200 Feet


Advanced Climbing
Technical Descents
Fire Roads
Sandy Areas
Lane Sharing with Hikers
Lane Sharing with Vehicles (maybe…)


Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

Safety Tips & Etiquette

This is 4 miles of all uphill until you are ready to turn around and descend, bring water.   We like to use an Enduro or Trail bike, but it is not uncommon to see some Downhill bikes making their way up.  Be prepared to hike a bike or if you are super fit you can pedal up. This is all fire road, so the opportunity for speed is real. Wear your helmet and knee pads/gloves are not a bad idea either.



  • June Lake Loop has year round activities

  • The busiest tourism season is Summer (June/July/Aug)

  • The water is better up here, drink it from the tap

  • Looking for more information.
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  • Elevation – 7,654 feet (2,333 meters)

  • Population – 629 (feels more like 400 year round)

  • Zip Code – 93529


Interested in planning an event in June Lake. Click here for more information.


#1 – Pick up trash, even if it is not yours

#2 – Pick up your dog’s poop, it doesn’t magically disappear in the snow

#3 – Be friendly and patient, things move a bit slower up here

#4 – Don’t feed the wildlife

For more information on how to be awesome check out this link