The June Lake area is surrounded by Forest Service and other public lands, and dispersed camping is permitted outside of the June Lake Loop and on many dirt roads in the area. A few suggestions are East of Northshore drive and anywhere North of the Grant Lake Overlook area; such as Parker Bench or the Mono Craters area.  You can reference an Inyo National Forest Map for restricted recreation areas.

Dispersed camping is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest outside of a designated campground. Dispersed camping means no services, such as trash removal, tables, or toilets, and does require you to make sure you do your own due diligence from trash to fecal matter per the regulations in the area. Be aware of fire restrictions in the area and put your fire out all the way before you leave (cold to the touch).  You should always have water and a shovel on hand if you do have a fire.  Please don’t burn our town down…

You can stay up to 28 days in one ranger district per six months.  However,  if you plan to backpack into a wilderness area to camp, you will need a wilderness permit issued at an Inyo National Forest visitor center; there is one in Lee Vining and Mammoth Lakes.

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Whats Nearby

There is a lot of wilderness within a stones throw of June Lake Village and the entire Loop. Get a map, a wilderness permit, and adventure.


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Local Tip

Is being called a dirt hippie really that bad? Maybe some folks simply don’t need as much stuff as you. Bring what you need, disconnect, and enjoy. Get a wilderness permit, bring the necessary gear for the journey you have planned, and enjoy connecting to life by disconnecting from it. We are in bear country and drinking stream water with no filter can be tricky…come prepared 🙂 The G store is always here if you need resupply.

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  • June Lake Loop has year round activities

  • The busiest tourism season is Summer (June/July/Aug)

  • The water is better up here, drink it from the tap

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  • Elevation – 7,654 feet (2,333 meters)

  • Population – 629 (feels more like 400 year round)

  • Zip Code – 93529


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#1 – Pick up trash, even if it is not yours

#2 – Pick up your dog’s poop, it doesn’t magically disappear in the snow

#3 – Be friendly and patient, things move a bit slower up here

#4 – Don’t feed the wildlife

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